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8th International Conference on Arch Bridges

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8th International Conference on Arch Bridges


5-7 October 2016




[000]     PREFACE

[001]     C. Costa, T. Kaminski - Comparison of various modelling techniques applied in analysis of masonry arch bridges

[003]     A. Wysokowski, J. Howis, K. Ga􀃡ka - Rebuilding and restoration historical alexandrinus bridge in Kalisz

[004]     A.K. Tomor, J. M. Nichols, A. Benedetti - Identifying the condition of masonry arch bridges using cx1 accelerometer

[006]     A.G. Mordey - The arch bridge as an enduring but adaptable structural form

[008]     A. Bayraktar, A.C. Altun􀃕􀃺􀃕k, T. Türker - Condition assessment of steel arch bridges based on ambient vibration testing

[009]     M.A. Elewa, H.M. Abbas - Safety assessment of concrete railway tied-arch bridge in Egypt

[010]     J. Pons, Z. Rzeplinska - Experiences on repairing, strengthening & widening old arch bridges

[011]     A.G. Mordey - The arch bridges of durham city, England

[012]     B. Conde, D.V. Oliveira, L.F. Ramos, B. Riveiro, P. Arias, P.B. Lourenço - Multidisciplinary approach to the structural assessment of a historical masonry arch bridge

[015]     J. Huang, J. Shi, X. Shangguan, C. Hu, Z. Dai - Research on a cfst tied arch bridge constructed by incremental launching method

[016]     X. Zuo, X. Liu, L. Ren, S. Tan, G. Shang, W. Li - Continuous design of cantilever beam of cfst half-through arch bridge

[017]     Q. Wang, S. Nakamura, K. Chen, B. Chen and Q. Wu - Fatigue analysis of k-joint in a half-through concrete-filled steel tubular trussed arch bridge in china

[018]     R. Helmerich,,A. Zunkel1, R. Häcker - Cast iron arch bridges – part of the world heritage

[019]     D. B􀄊ben - The influence of backfill quality on soil-steel arch bridge deformation

[020]     L. Slivnik - History and classification of three-hinged arch bridges

[021]     M. Minavand, A.P. Zandi - Steel arch bridges for an urban overpass

[022]     J. Rymsza - The bridge on trajan’s column in rome

[024]     M. Kyriakou, D.V. Oliveira, H. Rodrigues - Seismic assessment of masonry arch bridges with fibre beam strategy

[025]     J. Ba􀄔cerek - Modernization of railway bridge on the polishgerman border

[026]     P. Franchetti, M. Frizzarin - Refurbishment of concrete arch bridge in ne Italy

[027]     L. Jurina - Experimental tests on consolidation of masonry bridges using “ram-reinforced arch method”

[028]     A. Calderon Landaverde, A. Calderon Ollivier - Construction of a 55-metre span steel arch bridge without using cranes, scaffolding, falsework or temporary structure

[036]     J. Ho􀃡owaty, D. Jurkowski, G. Zimny - Retrofitting of a masonry arch viaduct and culvert

[037]     P. Tomala, W. Samolewski, P. Andersz - Buried steel-soil arch structures in Europe

[039]     E.Siviero, V.Martini - Arched bridges: harmony, composition, meanings, perception

[040]     J. A. Martín-Caro, D. López - Susceptibility of arches to degradation under service loading conditions

[041]     J. A. Martín-Caro, D. López - Assessment of damaged arches

[044]     J. Bro􀄞, S. Biega􀄔ski, G. Sierka, P. Wo􀄨ny, B. Plaszczyk, S. Bolanowski - Incremental launching of railway arch bridges

[045]     J. Wang, J. Haynes, C. Melbourne - Investigation of assessment methods for railway masonry arch bridges

[046]     A. Long, S. Nanukuttan, D. McPolin, A. Gupta, D. Robb - Flexiarch system: renaissance of arch culture

[048]     G. Yao, S. Zhang, Y. Chao - Analysis of the structural behaviour of short suspenders in large-span tied arch bridges

[050]     Guowen Yao, Pengxi Zou, Gang Liao - Typical diseases of the stone arch bridges in the mountainous areas of china and their remedies

[051]     C. Molins, P. Roca, O. Arnau, R. Farina - Numerical simulation of experiments on masonry arch bridges

[052]     J.J. Arenas, G. Capellán, P. García, I. Meana - Viaduct over river almonte – conceptual design

[053]     J.J. Arenas, G. Capellán, J. Martínez, E. Merino, Y. Guil1, P. García - Viaduct over river almonte – construction project analysis

[054]     G. Capellán, J. Martínez, E. Merino, P. García, D. Arribas, P. Jimenez - Viaduct over river almonte – site control supervision

[055]     G. Capellán, J.J. Arenas, E. Siviero, R. Di Marco, F. Di Marco, A. Pistolesi,G. Ascarelli, M. Sacristán1 - Design of ponte dei congressi in rome, Italy

[056]     L. Severini , M.F. Bonfigli, M. Breccolotti, N. Cavalagli, V. Gusella - Seismic assessment of masonry arch bridges and parametric investigation of structural reinforcement

[057]     M. Pa􀄔tak, G. Bosak - Dynamic behaviour of the arch footbridge in wloclawek during human-induced vibrations

[060]     M. Pa􀄔tak - Dynamic characteristics and behaviour of the arch footbridges during human-induced vibrations

[062]     J. Vi􀃾an, J. Odrobi􀄖ák, J. Gocál - On out-of-plane stability of bow-string arch bridges

[064]     D. Arribas1, P. Bernal1, José María Pérez2, José Ignacio González3 - Almonte viaduct – detailed design

[065]     P. Cavero, D. Arribas, D.Carnero , P. Jiménez - Almonte viaduct – construction process

[067]     P. Tej, P. Kn􀄌ž, M. Blank, O. Císler - Design of an experimental arch pedestrian bridge made of uhpc

[068]     Yiqiang Xiang, Lichang Zhang, Xiaowei Ye - Dynamic behaviour analysis and experimental study of steel tube arch bridge model

[070]     Chen Ming, Peng Chengming - Key construction technology of a large-span double-leg steel-box arch bridge using cable crane system

[071]     Y. Yang, B.C. Chen, S. Nakamura, T. Nishikawa - Structural form of timber arch bridges and reserch value of a chinese wowen timber arch

[074]     S. Zhou, J. Yang, M. Zhang, Z. Zhou, C. Sun - Effects of stay cable arrangement on mechanics and deformation of main arch constructed by cantilever casting method

[075]     J. Liu, X. Chen, T. Wang - Analysis on mechanical behaviour and stability of stiff skeleton arch rib with long span during construction phase

[077]     B.chen, Z.savor, Q.Huang - Material performance for long span concrete arch bridges:higher is better

[078]     B.C. Chen, J.G. Wei, Q.X. Wu - China technical code for cfst arch bridges

[079]     B. Chen, Q. Huang, Y. Yang, Z. Chen - Arch bridges in campus culture of fuzhou university

[080]     Y. Han - Vacuum-aided concrete casting technique for cfst arch bridges: experimental investigation and practical applications

[082]     Q. Chen, S. Chen ,Y. Yan, X. Shangguan -  The most beautiful light stone arch bridge in zhangjiajie city of china

[083]     J. Wei, J. Zhou, J. Liu, B. Chen - Application of concrete-filled steel tube arch bridges in china

[084]     V. Vacek, J. Kolísko, P. Tej, L. Kudrná􀃾ová - Ten years after the reconstruction of ple􀃽nik´s footbridge at prague castle

[085]     V. Angelmaier, W. Eilzer, H. Haug - Tamina canyon crossing, bad ragaz, Switzerland

[089]     M. Munoz IV, R.Guerra, M. Munoz III, B. Briseghella - Construction procedures for low cost arch bridges in Bolivia

[091]     F. Bonfiglietti, A. Brencich - History of a faulty retrofitting: the s. Sebastian bridge in loano (italy)

[093]     A. Brencich, D. Pera - A new retrofitting technique for masonry bridges

[094]     A. Brencich, G. Cassini, D. Pera - Load bearing structure of masonry bridges

[095]     A. Brencich, G. Riotto - Vault-fill interaction in masonry bridges: an experimental approach - 1: statics

[096]     A. Brencich - Vault-fill interaction in masonry bridges: an experimental approach - 2: dynamics

[097]     R. Meichtry, R. Kühne - Construction of the arch of the tamina bridge

[099]     X. Lai, B. Chen - Shrinkage predicted model of concrete filled steel tube and shrinkage stress of concrete filled steel tubular arch

[100]     R. Zhou, T. Wei, L. Xin, D. Xun - Construction and control technology of longspan steel arch bridge constructed by cantilever assembly method with cable-stayed pulling and buckling system

[101]     Y. Zhang, R. Zhou - An automatic walking-type launching system and its application in jiubao bridge

[102]     L. Šašek, P. Nehasil - Troja bridge in prague

[103]     F.Y. Huang, H.M. Qian, Z.H. Xiong - Experiment on mechanical behaviour of concrete-filled steel tubular truss arch

[104]     􀃠. Zymla, W. Zielichowski-Haber, M. Majka - Advanced structural assessment techniques of cast iron railway arch bridge

[105]     J. Ukleja - Steel arch bridge with a reinforced concrete composite slab platform - case study

[106]     J. L. Vítek, V. Kolínský - Construction and monitoring of the oparno valley bridge

[108]     M. Bechtold, A. Zielinski - Full locked coil rope hangers for arch bridges - product properties, product potential and installation examples

[110]     Volodymyr Volotsiuga - Arch bridges in Ukraine

[111]     K. 􀄩ó􀃡towski, T. Romaszkiewicz - Arch viaduct in pomerania metropolitan railway – form finding and idea of prestressing

[112]     K. 􀄩ó􀃡towski, M. Bi􀄔czyk - Arch footbridge over warta river in wronki – design and construction

[113]     M. Schmidmeier, K.G. Schütz, R. Ehmann - Fatigue of locked coil ropes due to bending

[115]     J. Biliszczuk, M. Teichgraeber, V. Volotsiuga - Feliks pancer - polish engineer, visionary and his work (1798-1851)

[116]     J. Biliszczuk - Arch bridges in Poland – past, present and future

[117]     A. Bistolas, T. Abbott, R. Rusev - The ordsall chord network arch bridge – addressing complex demands through collaboration

[118]     J. Biliszczuk,  R. Toczkiewicz, J. Onysyk,  W. Barcik - Modern arch bridges in poland – construction methods

[119]     T. Argyle, R. Mitchell - Design of the gateway bridge, a skewed arch for the a465 heads of the valleys scheme

[120]     S. Geyer, S. Mazzoleni, G. Ambroset - Stadsbrug nijmegen cables installation and tensioning challenge

[121]     􀃠. Hojdys, P. Krajewski - Experimental tests on masonry arches strengthened with a mortar-based strengthening system

[122]     M. Kušter Mari􀃼, J. Radi􀃼, Dunja Buljan - Cultural heritage and aesthetics of arch bridges on the territories of croatia and bosnia and herzegovina

[123]     H. Yuan, Q. Wu, B. Chen - Nonlinear seismic analysis of a concrete arch bridge with steel webs

[124]     B. Whitcomb, M. McDonagh, T. Cooper, C. Rieser, J. Blassel - St. Patrick’s pedestrian bridge design and construction

[126]     H. Onysyk –Reliability of bridge in operation based on structural health monitoring system data

[128]     K. W􀄅chalski, Z. Szubski - The erection of arch bridge over vistula river In toru

[132]     D. Sobala1, K. W􀄅chalski2 - Modern solution for the foundation of poland's largest arch bridge

[133]     K. W􀄅chalski - Innovative solution for a bridge over vistula river in toru􀄓

[134]     C. M. Bednarski - Arch of art a la carte or bending over backwards

[135]     C. Costa, D. Ribeiro, P. Jorge, M. Morais, A. Arêde, R. Calçada - Numerical modelling of the structural behaviour of stone arch bridges under railway traffic loading

[136]     A. Arêde, C. Costa, R. Silva1, A. T. Gomes, J. E. Menezes - Experimental characterization of the structural behaviour of stone arch railway bridges

[137]     L. Fenu, B. Briseghella, E. Congiu - Curved footbridges supported by a shell obtained as an envelope of thrust-lines

[140]     M. Kalný, V. Kvasni􀃾ka, J. Komanec, R. Brož, J.L. Vítek - Oparno bridge – modern technology for classical arch

[141]     Hanhui HUANG, Kangming CHEN, Qingxiong WU - Study on stress concentration factor of cfst k-joint

[142]     T. Job, T. P. Vijayalekshmi - Behaviour of masonry arch bridges: a review

[143]     Q. Wu, B. Chen, J. Zheng, Y. Yu - Dynamic analysis of cable loss of a concrete--filled steel tubular arch bridge

[144]     T. Kami􀄔ski, C. Machelski - Experimental and numerical study on displacements of masonry bridges under live loads

[145]     M. Malinowski, A. Bana􀄞, M. Jeszka - Strain gauges monitoring of arch bridge over the vistula river in toru􀄓 during construction

[147]     E. Tubaldi, L. Macorini, B. Izzuddin - Safety of masonry arch bridges against flood hazard

[148]     A. Bana􀄞, M. Malinowski, N. Gr􀄊da, E. Mienicka - Dynamic analysis of a footbridge over the s8 expressway on the basis of the results of in situ tests

[152]     F. Saitta, P. Clemente, G. Buffarini - Analysis of arch bridges with finite compression strength material under horizontal loadings

[153]     M. Gilbert, C. Melbourne, C. C. Smith, L. Augusthus-Nelson, G. Swift - Proposed permissible limit state assessment criteria for masonry arch bridges

[154]     M. Pytlos, M. Gilbert, C. C. Smith - Use of a physics engine to model soil filled masonry arch bridges

[155]     L. Augusthus-Nelson, G. Swift, C. Smith, M. Gilbert, C. Melbourne - Behaviour of backfilled masonry arch bridges subjected to cyclic loading

[160]     E. Budka, M. Ko􀄪uch, W. Lorenc, J. Rabiega, D. 􀄝miertka - Road arch bridge over the odra river

[161]     J. Rabiega, M. Ko􀄪uch, W. Lorenc, D. 􀄝miertka, P. W􀄅troba, R. Wody􀄔ski - Reconstruction of the old south jagiellonian arch bridge over channel of the odra river

[162]     J. Bie􀄔, M. G􀃡adysz-Bie􀄔 - Gerontology of arch bridges

[163]     J. B􀄅k, K. Grej - Bridge over the vistula river at town of pulawy

[164]     D. Aita, R. Barsotti, S. Bennati - Analysis of some historical sizing rules for archwall-piers systems

[165]     P. Hawryszków - Dynamical investigation of a footbridge in wronki near pozna􀄓

[167]     H. Sert, S. Y􀃕lmaz, H. Demirci, A. Av􀃺in, M. Nas, G.S. Turan, N. Apayd􀃕nH.􀃸. Korkmaz - Restoration works carried out at historical malabadi bridge

[168]     M. Han, J. Sim, B. Kim - The classification code system for arch bridge identification

[169]     T. Karabörk, T. Çelik, A. Ural - Finite element analyses of historical bicakci arch bridge, turkey

[170]     A. Ural, A. Do􀃷angün, H. Sert , M. Nas, E. M. Partal - Evaluating the linear and nonlinear behaviour of a three span stone arch bridge in aksaray, turkey

[171]     A. Do􀃷angün, A. Ural, H. Sert, M. Nas, E. M. Partal - Determination of linear behaviour of an historic stone arch bridge with a developing finite element code

[172]     P. Wolert, A. Nowak - Reliability analysis for a 100-year-old reinforced concrete framed bridge

[173]     W. Jiang, D.G. Lu - Safety factors assessment for in-plane stability of concrete filled steel tubular arches using inverse finite element reliability method

[175]     W. Radomski, R. Oleszek - Dynamic response of an arch bridge under hslm high-speed train loading according to the european standards (en)

[176]     M.Komiiev - Arch bridge over dnipro river in keiv

[177]     J. Matos, A. Strauss, H. Guimarães, I. Zambon - An overview of performance indicators for arch bridges in Europe

[178]     J.Q. Lei, K. Zhang,  W. Y. Ji, B. Han, R. Gao - Study and experiments on the long-span steel-box stacked arch bridge of high-speed railway

[179]     J.Strasky, R.Necas - Arch pedestrian bridges

[180]     J.Radic, Z.Savor, M.Kuster Maric - Aesthetics of contemporary arch bridges

[181]     K.Wachalski - The biggest arch bridge in Poland

[182]     F.R.Stucchi - Arch bridges in south America

[183]     A. Adao da Fonseca - Contemporary concrete arch bridges



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