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6th International Conference on Arch Bridges

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6th International Conference on Arch Bridges

   Fuzhou, China

  11-13 October 2010


Invited lectures

[001]     David Goodyear,Robert Turton -The new Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam

[002]     Maorun Feng - Recent development of arch bridges in China

[003]     Carmelo Gentile and Antonella Saisi - Dynamic monitoring of the Paderno iron arch bridge (1889)

[004]     Jiri Strasky- Stress ribbon & arch pedestrian bridges

Special session I: new arch bridges and future trends

[005]     S. Palaoro and E. Siviero,B. Briseghella,T. Zordan - Concept and construction methods of arch bridges in Italy

[006]     M. Kasi and I. Darwish - Engineering innovation in arch design

[007]     Zhendong Ma - Aesthetics conceivability and structural characteristics of Dagu

[008]     B. Briseghella,L. Fenu,C. Lan, E. Mazzarolo and E. Siviero,T. Zordan - A new multi-span arch bridge over the Piave River in Venice:conceptual design and structural optimization

[009]     Z. Savor, J. Radic and G. Hrelja - Steel arch bridges in Croatia-past and present

[010]     Marcos J. Pantaleón, Roberto Revilla and Patricia Olazábal - New Bridge over Llobregat River

[011]     Kangming Chen,Qiu Zhao,Shozo Nakamura,Baochun Chen - State-of-the-art of steel arch bridges in China

[012]     Xuewei Duan, Xiaoyan Xiao and Wei Xu - Design & technology characteristics of main bridge of Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge

[013]     Tingmin Mou, Bikun Fan, Bo Tian and Qiyu Tao - Scheme design of a 530m CFST arch bridge--the First Yangtze River Bridge in Hejiang, Sichuan, China

[014]     Chao Sun, Fan Zhang and Baochun Chen - Trial design of tied CFST arch bridge with steel web PC tied beam

[015]     Renyuan Du,Jian Yu,Baochun Chen - Trial design of a reactive powder concrete (RPC) arch bridge with a span of 420m

[016]     John Bourke, Su Taylor, D Robinson and Ae Long - Analysis of a flexible concrete arch

Modern arch bridges

[017]     Santiago Pérez-Fadón, José Emilio Herrero and Juan José Sánchez - Los Tilos arch on La Palma Island 

[018]     Massimo Viviani - The arch bridge over the Serchio (LU), Italy

[019]     Yuancheng Peng and Gujian Huang,Wenjun Wang and Meijun Fan - Design of 400m net span deck-type steel truss arch bridge over Chongqing Daning River

[020]     Y. Liu,X. ShangGuan,J. Liu - Long-span deck-type CFST arch bridge combinated with diagonal cable 

[021]     Yuancheng Peng and Yiqian Li,Xiaohong Long - Design of Hubei Zhijing River Bridge

[022]     Pier Giorgio Malerba,Paolo Galli and Marco di Domizio - A twin diverging arches bridge in Milan Portello

[023]     Jae-Ho Jung, Jae-Hong Kim and Hyo-Chang Yoon,Woo-Jong Kim - Design and construction of the balanced arch bridge on the deep foundation

[024]     Shuixing Zhou,Xiaoping Du, Dan Li and Yongsheng Duan - Design and construction techniques of Daning River Bridge

[025]     Ying Li, Xiangyu Feng and Huxiang Tang - Design and research of composite-arch-rib bridge

[026]     Marcos J. Pantaleón, Roberto Revilla and Patricia Olazábal - Footbridge Ronda Bahía, Santander (Spain)

[028]     Jian Liang, Tingmin Mou, Yu Xiao and Qiyu Tao - A newly developed technique for the design of the Jialing River Bridge in Guangyuan (China)  

[029]     Enzo Siviero and Lorenzo Attolico - Cycle-pedestrian bridge to connect Via Isonzo and Via Vittorio Veneto next to “Rari Nantes” sports facilities

[030]     Guoxiang Liu and Zhendong Ma - Design of Shenyang Sanhao Bridge (China)

[031]     B. Wang,S. Tang,X. ShangGuan - The heritage and development of the stone arch bridges in China

[032]     O. Josat - Sustainable bridge constructions–elegant arches–filigree structures–cost effective design

[033]     Zhongfu Xiang and Anbang Gu - Research and application of concrete filled steel tube arch bridge

[034]     R.J. Jiang, Y.Y. Chen, Q.M. Wu, W.M. Gai and D.M. Peng - A new way to design suspenders for through and half-through arch bridges

[035]     Per Tveit - Optimal network arches for road and rail bridges

[036]     Pier Giorgio Malerba,Paolo Galli, Marco di Domizio and Giacomo Comaita - A large span roof made of cable stayed arches

[037]     Bruno Briseghella,Luigi Fenu and Wenjin Huang,Tobia Zordan - Tensegrity footbridges with arch deck: static and dynamic behaviour

Historical arch bridges

[038]     Fernando Vegas- López Manzanares, Camilla Mileto and Valentina Cristini - Corbelling domes and bridges in Spain and Portugal: a comparative study

[039]     M. Lippiello, L. Bove and L. Dodaro - The Hannibal Bridge: history and structural behaviour

[040]     Tommaso Maria Massarelli - S. Teresa’s Bridge along Lama Balice in Bitonto (Italy)

[041]     Sinopoli A., Basili M. and Esposito D - Construction techniques of Roman vaults and opus caementicium: The cases of Lupo and St. Gregory’s Bridges

[042]     Sung-Gul Hong and Namhee Kim Hong,Byung-Sun Bae - Force flows in the oldest observatory of stone masonry in Korea

[043]     Mitsuo Tsutsui,Yoji Mizuta,Tsutomu Sakata - Line of thrust and theoretical load of masonry arch bridge

[044]     I. Tarrío - Arches in masonry structures: Viollet-le-Duc’s rationalist theories

[045]     P. Fuentes and S. Huerta - Islamic domes of crossed-arches: Origin, geometry and structural behavior

[046]     A. Albuerne and S. Huerta - Coulomb’s theory of arches in Spain ca. 1800: the manuscript of Joaquín Monasterio

[047]     Xuezeng Wu - Load rating of existing masonry arch bridges in USA

[048]     Toshitaka Yamao,Kenjiro Yamamoto and Teruhiko Kudo,Kazuya Ogami and Hideki Nakamura - Development of static analytical method for mechanical behavior of stone arch bridges

[049]     C. Costa,A. Arêde,A. Costa - Numerical simulation of stone masonry arch bridges behaviour under road traffic moving loads

[050]     Y. Yan, H. Xu, X. ShangGuan and Y. Liu - The theory and application of plane-hinged arch in the stone arch bridges

[051]     Daniel V. Oliveira , Cláudia Lemos and Paulo B. Lourenço - Geometric analysis and load capacity of masonry arch bridges: a case study from Northwest Iberian Peninsula

[052]     Klaudia Ratzinger and Dirk Proske - Historical stone arch bridges under horizontal debris flow impact

[053]     Tomasz Kamiński, Jan Bień, Mieszko Kużawa and Józef Rabiega - Investigation of the historical Osobowicki Bridge in Wroclaw

[054]     Yan Yang and Baochun Chen - Removed, rebuilt and new timber arch bridges in China

[055]     Teruhiko Yoda - Investigation of mechanical behavior of the Japanese historical
timber arch bridge: Kintaikyo Bridge

[056]     Enyong Wang,Jie Liu and Yuxia Hu,Yurong Hao and Xingjia Chong - Study on the wooden arch structure of Gansu Weiyuan Baling Gallery Bridge

[057]     Difa Gong - Chinese craftsmen of wooden arched bridge

[058]     A. De Luca and G.Lucibello,A. De Martino,G. Mautone - Don Bosco Bridge at Arenaccia: the architecture white as light

Inspection, assessment and management of arch bridges

[059]     N. Domède and A. Sellier - Numerical analysis of masonry arch bridges: benefits and limits of damage mechanics

[060]     A. Cappini and G. Stagnitto,A. Pederzani,C. Rossi and P.P. Rossi - Structural analysis and strengthening intervention of the multispan stone masonry bridge of Ribellasca, between Italy and Switzerland

[061]     P. Clemente, G. Buffarini and D. Rinaldis - Application of limit analysis to stone arch bridges 

[062]     C. Anselmi, E. De Rosa and F. Galizia - Limit analysis of masonry arches under vertical loads applied out middle plane

[063]     Niamh Gibbons and Paul J. Fanning - Ten stone masonry arch bridges and five different assessment approaches

[064]     Jinyan Wang,Clive Melbourne,Adrienn Tomor - Development of Pippard’s elastic method for the assessment of short span masonry arch bridges

[065]     Tim Hughes and Lufang Wu - A new serviceability approach to masonry arch bridge assessment

[066]     Lufang Wu and Tim Hughes - Castigliano based analysis of single span masonry arch bridges using a spreadsheet

[067]     Pei Yuan, Liangfeng Sun and Xu Xie - An identification method for short hanger tension of arch bridges

[068]     Dongyan Wu, Xu Xie and Guan Lin - Impact factor characteristics of double parabolic arch ribs in a CFST arch bridge due to vehicle loads

[069]     Jure Radić and Marija Kušter, Jelena Bleiziffer - Bridge management system for large reinforced concrete arches on Croatian Coast

[070]     Yuanfeng Duan, Yi Li and Yiqiang Xiang,Bin Chen - Correlation analysis of structural stress responses and temperature of a tied arch bridge using long-term health monitoring data

[071]     Jinquan Zhang, Wanheng Li and Jun Xie - Nonlinear calculation and evaluation method for load bearing capacity of stone arch bridge with cracking in crown and springer 

[072]     Adrienn Tomor and Jinyan Wang - Fracture development process for masonry under static and fatigue loading

Structural analysis and experimental studies

[073]     J. Radić and A. Kindij - The polygonal arch bridge 

[074]     Jinyan Wang and Adrienn Tomor,Clive Melbourne - Study of high-cycle fatigue behaviour of brick masonry

[075]     Matías A. Valenzuela, Franco R. Rojas and Ángel C. Aparicio - Finite-element nonlinear geometric analysis for a proposal steel arch bridge over the Llobregat River in Barcelona

[076]     Jabbar Ali Zakeri, Morteza Esmaeili and Parisa Haji Abdulrazagh - Simplified design method of long- span railway soil-metal bridges

[077]     Dongzhou Huang - Vehicle-induced vibration of steel deck arch bridges

[078]     Paulo B. Lourenço, Tibebu Hunegn and Pedro Medeiros, Nuno Peixinho - Testing and analysis of masonry arches subjected to impact loads

[079]     Jiangang Wei,Yue Feng, Baochun Chen and Qingxiong Wu - Tests of a composite box arch having steel truss web and concrete flange under unsymmetrical in-plane loads

[080]     Xiaohui Li, Baochun Chen and Jiangang Wei - Experimental study on the out-of-plane stability of a dumbbell-shaped CFST arch under spatial loads

[081]     Kangming Chen,Qingxiong Wu and Baochun Chen,Shozo Nakamura - Experimental study on a steel arch rib segment with convex sections

[082]     Junqing Xue,Baochun Chen and Bruno Briseghella - Numerical analysis of the influence of debonding on CFST single tube arch

[083]     Chengyu Liang,Airong Chen - Effect of site condition on the seismic response of a fixed-end deck steel arch bridge and the feasibility of the pushover method

[084]     Jingbin Li, Huai Chen, Sujuan Ge and Hui Qian - Effect of hangers on structural behaviour of a concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge

[085]     Zhenyu Liu,Baochun Chen - A study on the thermal field test of a concrete filled steel tubular truss arch

[086]     Jason Salonga and Paul Gauvreau - Span-to-rise ratios in concrete arches: threshold values for efficient behaviour

[087]     D. M. Peng, Y. Y. Chen and R. J. Jiang, C. A. Fairfield - Optimal design of masonry arch bridges

[088]     Zhongchu Tian, Yan Ding and Tianyong Jiang - Analysis of influencing factors on concrete creep deformation in tied arch bridge of Nilsson system in high-speed railway

[089]     Yonglin Pi and Mark Andrew Bradford,Changyong Liu and Yuying Wang - In-plane strength of concrete-filled steel tubular circular arches

[090]     Mingquan Zhong,Qinzong Chen and Xiaochun Zhai - Self-prestress design of concrete-filled steel tube arch rib under sunshine-induced temperature

[091]     C. Hu, Y. Wan and X. ShangGuan - A new practice in the design of arch axis

[092]     Shengyong Li,Christian Kohlmeyer and Frank Müller,Baochun Chen - Global stability analysis of an asymmetrical long-span concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge

[093]     Jing Gao,Jiazhan Su,Baochun Chen - Experimental study on in-plane mechanical behaviour of CFST-CSW arch

[094]     Krishna Man Shrestha and Baochun Chen - Creep analysis of CFST arch bridges

[095]     Yiqiang Xiang, Yi Li and Yuanfeng Duan,Hui Fang - Health monitoring and parameter identification of a tied arch bridge under excitation of Wenchuan Earthquake

Construction Techniques

[096]     Chaoyang Zhao, Chuanxi Li and Minghua Zeng,Wenshuang Yang,Lixin Tan - Performance analysis of a cable-hoisting erection system in Nanning Yonghe Bridge

[097]     Jose Antonio Llombart and Jordi Revoltos - Bridge over the river Tagus at Alcántara Reservoir 

[098]     Hua Zhang, Jianzhong Li and Tianbo Peng - Application of double spherical aseismic bearing in concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge

[099]     Xueshan Liu and Anshuang Liu,Shanping Wei and Zhong Yang - Construction of the main spans of the Chongqing Caiyuanba Yangtze River Bridge

[100]     Zhongfu Xiang,Wei Xu,Cunshu Wang and Ying Dong - The construction technology of Chongqing Chaotianmen Bridge

[101]     Tingmin Mou, Jian Liang, Bikun Fan and Bangzhu Xie - Development of the combination of vertical and horizontal swing techniques for the Dongping Bridge in Foshan (China)

[102]     Y. Wan,T. Wu,D. Liu,X. ShangGuan - An advanced construction technology for cable-stayed Bailey arch

Maintenance, repairs and strengthening of arch bridges

[103]     Daniel V. Oliveira,Vanessa M. Costa and Jorge F. Sousa,Paulo B. Lourenço - Diagnosis and repair of a historic stone masonry arch bridge

[104]     Jovo Beslac, Jelena Bleiziffer and Jure Radic - An overview of Krk Bridge repairs

[105]     Ke Chen and Jianyong Song - Survey and analysis of the main defects in reinforced concrete ribbed arch bridges

[107]     Climent Molins - Case study of the effect on foundation of changing an arch bridge
to a slab and girder bridge

[108]     Guihan Peng and Baochun Chen - Research on strengthening suspended deck system for half-through CFST arch bridge by setting longitudinal steel-tubular trusses

[109]     Haidong Huang, Zhongfu Xiang and Shengfeng Liu - Analysis method of internal force distribution on composite section for arch bridge strengthening

[110]     Toshitaka Yamao,Yoshie Tsujino,Zhanfei Wang - Dynamic behavior and seismic retrofitting method for half-through steel arch bridges subjected to fault displacement

[111]     Jelena Bleiziffer and Jure Radic - Monitoring performance of large Croatian bridges 

Special session II: dynamic testing of arch bridges

[112]     Kazuo Takahashi,Qingxiong Wu,Shozo Nakamura - Free vibrations and seismic responses of Shin Saikai Bridge and Saikai Bridge

[113]     C. Ceraldi, R. Landolfo, M. Lippiello and F. Portioli - Seismic vulnerability evaluation of Devil Bridge on Sele River

[114]     Jianrong Yang,Jianzhong Li,Junxin Shen - Numerical investigation of concrete-filled steel tubular tied arch bridge under travelling vehicles

[115]     Md. Rajab Ali, Takatoshi Okabayashi and Toshihiro Okumatsu - The accuracy of modal parameters estimation for highway bridges influenced by various ambient vibrations

[116]     Stefano De Santis and Gianmarco de Felice - Evaluation of the seismic response of masonry arch bridges modeled using beam elements with fiber cross section

[117]     S. Nakamura,O. T. Cetinkaya,K. Takahashi - A static analysis-based method for estimating the maximum inelastic seismic response of upper-deck steel arch bridges


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