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5th International Conference on Arch Bridges

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5th International Conference on Arch Bridges

Madeira, Portugal

12-14 September 2007











Edited by:

Paulo B. Lourenço

Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Daniel V. Oliveira

Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Artur Portela

ISBN 978-972-8692-31-5

Invited Lectures

[001]    Z. Orbán - UIC Project on assessment, inspection and maintenance of masonry arch railway bridges

[002]     M. Gilbert - Limit analysis applied to masonry arch bridges: state-of-the-art and recent developments

[003]     B. Chen - An overview of concrete and CFST arch bridges in China

[004]     A. Adão da Fonseca - The Infant Dom Henrique Bridge over the River Douro, at Porto

Special session on dynamic testing of arch bridges

[005]     M. Xu, L.O. Santos, P. Silveira - Static and dynamic testing of the overpass bridge PS2

[006]     B. Briseghella, N. Gallino, C. Gentile, T. Zordan - Finite element modelling of a tied arch bridge from operational modal analysis

[007]     C. Gentile, N. Gallino - Ambient vibration-based investigation of the ""Victory"" arch bridge

[008]     L.F. Ramos, P.B. Lourenço, G. De Roeck, A. Campos-Costa - Progressive damage analysis based on vibration signatures: An application to a masonry arch

[009]     R. Alaggio, F. Benedettini, V. Gattulli - Identification and condition assessment of the "Villa Passo" reinforced concrete arch bridge

Investigation on historical bridges

[010]     L. Re, M. Fantone, B.V. De Vecchi - Bridges of the Napoleonic roads in north-western Italy

[011]     C. Ceraldi, V. Mormone, E.R. Ermolli, M. Lippiello, V. Tempone - A scenographic solution for a Neapolitan bridge in the beginning of nineteenth century

[012]     M. Lippiello, L. Bove, L. Dodaro, M.R. Gargiulo - The masonry bridges in Southern Italy: vestige to be preserved

[013]     A. Guagnini - The bridges of Semmering: an audacious masonry work in order to connect Wien with Trieste

[014]     S. Casiello, A. Pane, V. Russo, E. Vassallo - Restoring and reconstructing masonry bridges: researches in Campania (Italy)

[015]     A. Saisi, L. Valsasnini - Multilevel approach to the analysis of the historic arch bridges in the Park of Monza

[016]     A. Ciotta - Ponte Milvio in Rome. Building techniques and history of restoration work

[017]     I. Papayianni, V. Pachta, A. Alexiou - Study of the constructing materials, techniques and pathology symptoms of the stone bridge DeBosset in Kefalonia

[018]     D. Proske, J. Hübl - Historical arch bridges under horizontal loads

[019]     M. F. Drdácky, Z. Slízková - Flood and post-flood performance of historic stone arch bridges

[020]     Y. Yang, B. Chen, J. Gao - Timber arch bridges in China

[021]     A. Dogangün, A. Ural - Characteristics of Anatolian stone arch bridges and a case study for Malabadi Bridge

[022]     N.K. Hong, H.M. Koh, S.G. Hong, B.S. Bae, W.K. Yoon - Characteristics of historical arch bridges in Korea

[023]     J.A. Paredes, J.A. Galindo, D.F. Mora - Brick arch bridges in the High Cauca region of Colombia (1718-1919)

[024]     J.A. Martínez Martínez, J.L. Manjón Miguel - The mortar at the masonry bridges

[025]     G. Cacciaguerra, M.P. Gatti - The story of the transformation of a structure: from arch bridge to...

[026]     J. Radic - Arch Bridges made by Croatian builder Kruno Tonkovic

Monitoring, assessment and management processes

[027]     C. Melbourne, J. Wang, A. Tomor - A new masonry arch bridge assessment strategy (SMART)

[028]     S. Lagomarsino, S. Resemini - The Prarolo railway arch bridge in Italy: structural assessment and analysis through traditional mechanical methods

[029]     A. Outtier, H. De Backer, Ph. Van Bogaert - Assessment of the out-of-plane imperfections of a steel tied arch bridge

[030]     J.H. Senker - Pennsylvania stone arch bridges: Evaluation and assessment

[031]     Z. Ou, B. Chen - Stone arch bridges in Fujian, China

[032]     B. Harvey, K. Ross, Z. Orban - A simple, first filter assessment for arch bridges

[033]     A.K. Tomor, C. Melbourne - Monitoring masonry arch bridge response to traffic loading using acoustic emission techniques

[034]     S. Lukschová, R. Prikryl, Z. Pertold - Petrographic examination of concrete from 20th century bridges and identification of reactive components

[035]     J. Radic, A. Mandic, A. Kindij - Eurocode requirements on Adriatic arch bridges

[036]     P. Tveit - Visit to the Steinkjer network arch 44 years later

[037]     T.M. Roberts, T.G. Hughes - Serviceability of masonry arch railway bridges

[038]     A. Arêde, P. Costa, A. Costa, C. Costa, L. Noites - Monitoring and testing of a new stone masonry arch bridge in Vila Fria, Portugal

[039]     K.M. Shrestha, B. Chen - An overview on ''Arch Bridges in Nepal''

[040]     J. Bien, T. Kaminski - Damages to masonry arch bridges - proposal for terminology unification

Experimental studies

[041]     E. Verstrynge, L. Schueremans, P. Smars, D. Van Gemert - Design and testing of masonry arches: a project of Bachelor students in Civil Engineering

[042]     W. Fan, J. Zhang - Experimental research on fatigue of tubular-plate joints for concrete-filled steel tube arch bridges

[043]     A. Brencich, C. Corradi, L. Gambarotta - Experimental and theoretical analysis of eccentrically loaded brickwork

[044]     H. Lorenzo, P. Arias, J. Armesto, F. Rial, M. Pereira, A. Novo, B. Riveiro - Documentation and evaluation of historic masonry arch bridges by means of geomatic techniques

[045]     M. Gilbert, C.C. Smith, J. Wang, Ph. A. Callaway, C. Melbourne - Small and large-scale experimental studies of soil-arch interaction in masonry bridges

[046]     T. G. Hughes, L. Wu - The development of in-situ stress in masonry tunnels

Dynamic behaviour and seismic response

[047]     M.L. Beconcini, G. Buratti, P. Croce, M. Mengozzi, P. Orsini, M. Luise - Dynamic characterization of a five spans historical masonry arch-bridge

[048]     W. De Corte, C. Delesie, Ph. Van Bogaert - Sealed tuned liquid column dampers: a cost effective solution for vibration damping of large arch hangers

[049]     Ph. Van Bogaert, J. Thielemans, B. De Pauw - Wind load and gust effects on slender steel arches

[050]     C. Gentile, A. Taliercio - The phenomenon of veering in the assessment of r.c. arch bridges

[051]     M. Mautner, M. Reiterer - Measurements of dynamic deformation behaviour of masonry arch bridges

[052]     S. Resemini, S. Lagomarsino - Displacement-based methods for the seismic assessment of masonry arch bridges

[053]     F. da Porto, P. Franchetti, M. Grendene, L. Ranzato, M. Valluzzi, C. Modena - Structural capacity of masonry arch bridges to horizontal loads

[054]     A. Sinopoli, F.T. Di Pasquale - Collapse analysis of Colosseum arcades by seismic events

Structural analysis

[055]     H. Liu, Y. Chen, B. Chen - Design and analysis of Wanbian Bridge in Fuzhou, China

[056]     A. De Zotti, C. Pellegrino, C. Modena - A parametric study of the hanger arrangement in arch bridges

[057]     A. Outtier, H. De Backer, Ph. Van Bogaert - Numerical approach to the lateral buckling of steel tied-arch bridges

[058]     C. Sun, B. Chen, L. Zhao - Numerical Analysis of the behavior of Yingbin Bridge

[059]     A.M. Boquera, A.A. Durá, I.B. Reig - Structural analysis for the diagnosis of crackings in the Gothic masonry structures of the vaults of Serranos Bridge in Valencia, Spain

[060]     R. Schlegel, J. Will - Sensitivity analysis and parameter identification on historical masonry arch bridges

[061]     J. Wang, C. Melbourne - Finite element analyses of soil-structure interaction in masonry arch bridges

[062]     T. Kaminski - Three-dimensional modelling of masonry arch bridges based on predetermined planes of weakness

[063]     T. Dede, A. Ural - A finite element program for historical stone arch bridges

[064]     A. Ural, A. Dogangün - Arch bridges in East Blacksea Region of Turkey and effects of infill materials on a sample bridge

[065]     G.P. Garrett - Analytical load rating of an open spandrel arch bridge: case study

[066]     C. Costa, P. Costa, A. Arede, A. Costa - Structural design, modelling, material testing and construction of a new stone masonry arch bridge in Vila Fria, Portugal

[067]     J.A. Martín-Caro, G. Morales - Numerical analysis of a load test on a skewed masonry arch bridge

[068]     D.V. Oliveira, C. Maruccio, P.B. Lourenço - Numerical modelling of a load test on a masonry arch bridge

[069]     C. Molins, P. Roca, J. Casas - Structural analysis of a large span masonry arch bridge under railway loads

[070]     C. Molins, J. Casas, P. Roca - Ultimate capacity of a curved multi-span arch bridge subjected to railway loads

[071]     W.J. Harvey, E.A.W. Maunder, A.C.A. Ramsay - The influence of spandrel wall construction on arch bridge behaviour

[072]     A. Cavicchi, L. Gambarotta - Load carrying capacity of masonry bridges: numerical evaluation of the influence of fill and spandrels

[073]     M. Betti, G.A. Drosopoulos, G.E. Stavroulakis - On the collapse analysis of single span masonry/stone arch bridges with fill interaction

[074]     D. Aita, F. Foce, R. Barsotti, S. Bennati - Collapse of masonry arches in Romanesque and Gothic constructions

[075]     M. Gilbert, D.P. Nguyen, C.C. Smith - Computational limit analysis of soil-arch interaction in masonry arch bridges

[076]     A. Brencich, L. Gambarotta, E. Sterpi - Stochastic distribution of compressive strength: effects on the load carrying capacity of masonry arches

[077]     A. Sinopoli, D. Aita, F. Foce - Further remarks on the collapse of masonry arches with coulomb friction

[078]     E. De Rosa, F. Galizia - Evaluation of safety of pointed masonry arches through the Static Theorem of Limit Analysis

[079]     G.A.F. Rouxinol, P. Providência, J.V. Lemos - Bridgemill bridge bearing capacity assessment by a discrete element method

[080]     M. Lucchesi, B. Pintucchi, N. Zani - A constitutive equation for fiber-reinforced masonry arches

[081]     G. Buffarini, P. Clemente, G. de Felice, A. Satta - Limit behaviour of partially reinforced masonry arch bridges

Repair and strengthening

[082]     Z. Zderic, J. Radic, A. Kindij - Mostar Old Bridge rehabilitation

[083]     R.O. García-Catalán, L.E. Aldea - New tendencies on repair and strengthening on masonry arch bridges

[084]     C. Mileto, F. Vegas - Restoration of bridges built with the dry stone technique

[085]     F. Martins - Improvement, reinforcement and protection of the foundations of the Sernada do Vouga railway Bridge

[086]     P. Shangguan, W. Zhuo - Repair and strengthening of two-way curved arch bridge

Modern bridges

[087]     S. Perez-Fadón, J.E. Herrero, L. Martín-Tereso, M. Sanchez - La Vicaria Arch over La Fuensanta reservoir

[088]     Z. Zderic, A. Runjic, G. Hrelja - Design and construction of Cetina River arch bridge

[089]     T. Mendonça - Footbrigde near School C+S in Guarda, Portugal

[090]     M.P. Petrangeli - Prefabrication of medium span arch bridges

[091]     H. Unterwieser, G. Schickhofer - From the fabrication to the maintenance - a report of the history of the Mur River Wooden Bridge in Styria/Austria

[092]     H. Krenn, Th. Moosbrugger, Th. Bogensperger - The world's largest timber bridge

[093]     Z. Zhang, X. Niao, D. Nie, W. He, B. Pei - Construction techniques of the arch ring of Panzhihua Baishagou Bridge

[094]     L. Zhang, Z. Tian, H. Huang - Research on the super live load tests of Xiaowan Bridge in China

[095]     Z. Tian, T. Peng, F. Ma, Y. Ding, L. Zhang - Dynamic control technique research of Dongping Bridge during the rotation stage

[096]     B. Chen, Y. Wang, Q. Huang - New type of concrete arch bridge with corrugated steel webs

[097]     A. De Luca, A. De Martino, F. Ricciardelli, G. Mautone - Replacement of ponte Don Bosco: a r.c. variable thickness skew vault in the urban environment

Steel tubular and CFST bridges

[098]     E. Siviero - Steel arches for small and medium span bridges

[099]     Ph. Van Bogaert - Stability and node-detailing of tubular steel arch bridges

[100]     W. Lu, Y. Sun, Z. Zhang, Z. Yu, L. He, M. Wang - A key technique of construction for Wuxia Yangtze River Bridge

[101]     J. Wei, B. Chen - Estimation of dynamic response for highway CFST arch bridges

[102]     Q. Wu, B. Chen, K. Takahashi - A finite element method for the geometric and material nonlinearities of concrete-filled steel tubular arches

[103]     Y. Yang, B. Chen - Rigid-frame tied through concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge

[104]     W. Huang, B. Chen - Spatial analysis of concrete filled steel tubular tied arch bridge

[105]     W. Jieyun - Key construction technology of Hangzhou Qiantang River 4th Bridge Project of China

[106]     D. Peng, M. Ning, Y. Chen - Tie bar design for a large span concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge

Late Submissions

[107]     G. Peng, B. Chen - Design and construction of Hechang Bridge, Quanzhou, China

[108]     S. Tang, W. Cai, B. Chen, G. Peng - Design and analysis of Xiyangping Bridge in Zhangzhou, China

[109]     B. Fan, T. Mu, J. Liang - Researches on key techniques of Dongping Bridge in Fuoshan City, China

[110]     T. Mu, B. Fan, X. Zheng, Y. Zheng, B. Xie - Wuxia Yangtze River Bridge in Wushan, China

[111]     T. Mu, B. Fan, B. Xie Y. Zheng - Influence of de-fill on performance of concrete-filled steel tubular columns

[112]     W. Hua, Y. Yao, W. Guo - Design of an arch bridge with spatial-triangle-ribs


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