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4th International Conference on Arch Bridges

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4th International Conference on Arch Bridges

   Barcelona, Spain




[001]     Alessio Ageno, Andrea Bernabò, Federico Foce and Anna Sinopoli - Theory and history of the thrust line for masonry arches. A brief account

[002]     Santiago Pérez-Fadón Martínez - Arches: evolution and future trends

[003]     Per Tveit - Reduce costs by building optimal network arches

[004]     Bao-chun Chen , You-jie Chen , Ze-bao Qin, Hiroshi Hikosaka - Application of concrete filled steel tubular arch bridges and study on ultimate load-carrying capacity

[005]     Leonardo Fernández Troyano - Procedures for the construction of large concrete arches


[006]     Carla Ceraldi, Ennio Russo Ermolli - Timber arch bridges: a design by leonardo

[007]     M. Corradi, V. Filemio - A brief comparison between mechanical aspects and construction of arch bridges during the xviiith and xixth centuries

[008]     Giulio Mirabella Roberti, Elisa V. Temporin - The “gradelle” bridge on st. Massimo channel in padova

[009]     Jure Radić - Arch bridges made by croatian builder milivoj frkovic

[010]     Masoud Makarchian - Old arch bridges in hamadan province

[011]     L. Bove1, I. Bergamasco, M. Lippiello - The stone bridges in southern italy: from the roman tradition to the middle of 19th centuries


[012]     C. Melbourne, H.Tao - The behaviour of open spandrel masonry arch bridges

[013]     A. Barbieri, V. Chiaradia and A. Di Tommaso - Railway masonry arch bridge of venice lagoon: history, technology and structural behaviour

[014]     Thomas E. Boothby, Kent M. Hulet and Terry R. Stanton - Inspection, assessment, and monitoring of railroad arch bridges in southwestern pennsylvania

[015]     Zoltán Orbán - Assessment, reliability and maintenance of masonry arch railway bridges in europe

[016]     Bill Harvey and Warren Houghton - Dynamic effects in arch bridges – a field study

[017]     V. Gattulli, G. Conflitti - Reliability-based assessment of a concrete arch bridge

[018]     Jan Bien and Tomasz Kaminski - Masonry arch bridges in poland

[019]     J. A. Martín-Caro, J. L. Martínez  J. León - A first level structural analysys tool for the spanish railways masonry arch bridges

[020]     T. Aoki, T. Komiyama, S. Miyata, M. Miura and Y. Igarashi - Research on deterioration for rakanji stone arch bridge, honyabakei, oita, japan

[021]     Bill Blake, David De Haan - Use of integrated survey techniques: measuring the iron bridge

[022] prof. John Cascante, ing. Pietro Crespi, ing. Giovanni Franchi, prof. Antonio Migliacci and prof. Paola Ronca - New developments of sonic tests applied to thick masonry structures

[023]     Cennamo C., D Angelo S. - Valuation of seismic vulnerability as support for conservation of masonry bridges

[024]     Bill Harvey and Ian Bucknall - Evaluation of arch bridge defects a handbook for network rail


[025]     A. Sinopoli, M. Rapallini and Pierre Smars - Plasticity, coulomb friction and sliding in the limit analysis of masonry arches

[026]     Matthew Gilbert, Husham M. Ahmed - Developments to the ring masonry arch bridge analysis software

[027]     I. Bergamasco, G. D’Anza, L. Dodaro, M. Lippiello - The stone bridges design: from old treatises to new numerical methods

[028]     Kazuyuki Mizutori, Kenji Kosa  and Hisanori Otsuka - Seismicity of super-long concrete arch bridge with over 600m center span

[029]     Hikaru Nakamura, Naoyuki Tamehiro,Tada-aki Tanabe and Junichiro Niwa - Study on stability criterion of super-long concrete arch

[030]     A. Cavicchi  and L. Gambarotta - Upper bound limit analysis of multispan masonry bridges including arch-fill interaction

[031]     S. Galasso , M. Paradiso, G. Tempesta - A numerical method for no - tension analysis of masonry arches

[032]     A. Barbieri, C. Carloni and A. Di Tommaso - Masonry orthotropic vaults in historical construction:the herring-bone pattern technology

[033]     M. Arici and M. F. Granata - Large displacement analysis of slender arches

[034]     Colin C. Smith, Matthew Gilbert and Philip A. Callaway - Geotechnical issues in the analysis of masonry arch bridges

[035]     Danila  Aita - The Statics of Pointed Masonry Arches between 'Limit' and 'Elastic' Analysis


[036]     P. Roca, C. Molins - Experiments on arch bridges

[037]     Clive Melbourne, Adrienn K. Tomor and Jinyan Wang - Cyclic load capacity and endurance limit of multi-ring masonry arches

[038]     W. De Corte, Ph. Van Bogaert, H. De Backer and B. De Pauw - Verification of local and global bridge action of a tied arch railway bridge with orthotropic deck during consecutive test phases

[039]     R. Hayen, K. Van Balen and D. Van Gemert - The mechanical behaviour of mortars in triaxial compression

[040]     Martínez J.L., Martín-Caro J.A., León J - Masonry compressive strength enhancement under eccentric axial load

[041]     Thomas E. Boothby, Ece Erdogmus and Yurianto Yurianto - Transverse strength of a model masonry arch bridge


[042]     Clive Melbourne and Adrienn K. Tomor - Fatigue performance of composite and radial-pin reinforcement on multi-ring masonry arches

[043]     C. Modena, M.R. Valluzzi, F. da Porto*, F. Casarin* and C. Bettio - Structural upgrading of a brick masonry arch bridge at the lido (venice)

[044]     Peng Dawen and Hong Jinxiang - Development, actuality and strengthening of double curved arch bridge in china

[045]     Daniel V. Oliveira and Paulo B. Lourenço - Repair of stone masonry arch bridges

[046]     Martínez Martínez, José Antonio,García Castillo, Luis María - The adaptation of masonry arch bridges. The cerezo bridge experience

[047]     M. Miri  & T.G. Hughes - Increased load capacity of arch bridges using slab reinforced concrete

[048]     Ph. Van Bogaert, W. De Corte, B. De Pauw  and H. De Backer - Slender steel arches with particular hanger arrangement for modernising concrete bridges (arch´04)

[049]     Carl L Brookes and Paul J Mullett - Service load testing, numerical simulation and strengthening of masonry arch bridges

[050]     X. Font - Restoration of the pont trencat (broken bridge). Barcelona, spain. (arch'04)


[051]     Man-Chung Tang and John Sun - Design of the main spans of the chongqing caiyuanba bridge

[052]     Yi-yan Chen , Bao-chun Chen, Huai-ying Zheng - Design of the dongguan shuidao bridge in guangdong , china

[053]     Yuan-hai Yang , Bao-chun Chen, Wenjin Huang - Design and construction of napu bridge, zhe-jian, china

[054]     Wei-zhong Zhang, Bao-chun Chen, Wen-jin Huang - Design of the second highway bridge over yellow river in zhengzhou, china

[055]     V. Čandrlić , J.Radić , I. Gukov - Research of concrete arch bridges up to 1000 m in span

[056]     Kazuto Kamisakoda , Hikaru Nakamura and Atsushi Nakamura - Studies on long-span concrete arch bridge for construction at ikarajima in japan

[057]     Zlatko Šavor, Jure Radić and Goran Puž - Krka river bridge near skradin

[058]     B. De Pauw , Ph. Van Bogaert, W. De Corte and H. De Backer - Steel tied arch bridges with fan hanger arrangement

[059]     Giorgio Mazzarolo, Paolo Franchetti , Claudio Modena - Aluminium pedestrian bridge in parco san giuliano, mestre, venice, italy

[060]     Paulo B. Lourenço, Késio Palácio and Joaquim O. Barros - Designrecommendations for reinforced masonry arches

[061]     José Antonio Llombart, Jordi Revoltós, Sergio Couto - Bridge over the river jarama at titulcia (madrid)

[062]     José Antonio Llombart, Jordi Revoltós - Bridge over the river tagus on the alcántara reservoir

[063]     J. E. Croiset,  J. Ryckaert, G. Viel and A. Spielmann - The viaduct of the grande ravine: a bridge with a limited and controlled arch effect

[064]     Manuel Reventós, Josep Maria Prió and Albert Mas - Pedestrian arch footbridges

[065]     Manuel Reventós and Albert Mas - New bridge over the river anoia between igualada and santa margarida de motbui

[066]     Jose M. Velasco - Arched steel structure that supports the cover of santa catarina´s market in barcelona


[067]     Hans De Backer, Bart De Pauw, Wouter De Corte and Philippe Van Bogaert - Force variations and slackness in tied arch bridges with crossing hangers

[068]     Mathias Räck, Frank Schanack, Per Tveit - Erection of network arches

[069]     Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Brunn, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schanack and Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Steimann - Network arches for railway bridges

[070]     Wolfgang Graβe, Stephan Teich, Per Tveit, Stefan Wendelin - Network arches for road bridges

[071]     Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Teich - Fatigue optimization in network arches


[072]     Wei-Xin Ren, Bijaya Jaishi and Zhou-Hong Zong - Concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge:dynamic testing and fe model updating

[073]     H.Fujita, Q. Wu, M. Yoshimura, K. Takahashi, S. Nakamura and K. Furukaw - Nonlinear seismic analysis of the second saikai bridge -concrete filled tubular (cft) arch bridge

[074]     Chao SUN, Baochun Chen, Yaling YANG - Erection analysis of the cfst arch bridge by vertical swing method over the jing-hang canal in xuzhou, china

[075]     Takahashi, Q. Wu, M. Yoshimura, H. Fujita, S. Nakamura and K. Furukawa - Dynamic response analysis of the second saikai bridge –a concrete filled tubular (cft) arch bridge

[076]     Jian-gang Wei, Lin-Qiang Zhao, Bao-chun Chen, Gui-han Peng - The influence of rigidity value of concrete filled steel tubular (single tube) arch rib to static calculation results

[077]    Q. Wu, B. Chen, K. Takahashi, H. Matsuzaka and S. Nakamura - Study on natural vibration and nonlinear seismic response of concrete filled tubular (cft) arch bridge constructed in china



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