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The 7th International Conference on Arch Bridges (ARCH 2013) was held

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The 7th International Conference on Arch Bridges (ARCH 2013) was held in Split, Croatia from October 2nd to 4th, 2013, sponsored jointly by Croatian Association of Structural Engineering Conference (SECON), Zagreb university of Croatia, Fuzhou University of China, IUAV University of Italy and Sapienza University of Rome.

The International Conference on Arch Bridges provide a forum for international scientists, engineers, enterprisers and infrastructure managers to present and discuss the state-of-the-practice and recent advances in arch bridge. The conference will also provide a platform for exploring the potential of international cooperation.

The proceeding of ARCH 13 contains a total of 95 papers written by authors from around 30 countries worldwide. The contributions include 5 Keynote Papers. In line with the aims of the ARCH conference, and as may be seen from the List of Contents, the papers cover a wide range of topics under a variety of themes.

In the morning on October 3, 2013, as the chairman of the conference and the host, Prof. Jure Radi? from Department of Civil Engineering in Zagreb University chaired the opening ceremony and delivered a warm welcome address (FIG. 1-4). Three keynote lectures with interesting topics were followed by Prof. Jure Radic, Prof. Baochun Chen (China) and Dr. Roland (Germany).  Afterwards, the presentations were divided into two parallel sessions according to the topics. Another two keynote lectures were presented on the second conference day by Prof. Enzo Siviro and Prof. Karl Humpf.


Figure 1  the scene of the opening ceremony


Figure 2 the committee on opening ceremony


Figure 3 Prof. Jure Radi on welcome address


Figure 4 Prof. Baochun Chen’s keynote lecture



Figure5 report of team discussion

During the conference, the Scientific Committee decided to set up permanent scientific committee for International Conference on Arch Bridges (PSC-AB). The committee is responsible for the international conference on arch bridge and the related international arch bridge academic exchange activities. The Chair of the Organizing Committee of the next “Arch Bridge Conference” will act as Chairman of the Body. A Secretariat at the College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University (Fuzhou, China) carries out the administrative work and the web-site ( implementation and updating.

Post-conference technical tour was organized on Oct. 4th, 2013. Participants visited the Roman Viaduct Bridge, the Skradin Bridge and the Maslenica Bridge.

Figure 6 Technical visit

The 8th International Conference on Arch Bridges (Arch'16) will be held in Warsaw, Poland by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). Related information will be released on the official website of PSC-AB:

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